Global National Times intends to be a trusted name in the journalism industry. At Global National Times, we feel that news is important because it informs our view of the world and in response, we take action and make choices based on how we perceive the world to be. In this modern era, news has grown to take more forms than ever. It’s no longer just the 7 pm Broadcast on television. It’s the websites we visit, the tweets we read, the Facebook posts we like, it’s any number of media platforms that we engage with on a daily basis. Those snippets of information add up to our world view and inform us when it comes to making our own opinions and judgements.

At Global National Times, we think Science, Health, Technology and Business sectors are worth to cover. This is because we believe readers should get benefited by reading the information that is really knowledgeable and should add some value. It is important to note here that all the information we give here is free and have an unbiased opinion. Our only objective is to report legitimate news so that you can make your own informed decisions.

The intention behind having the name – Global National Times is news from one country to another is important in today’s global economy. Knowing what is happening in other countries gives people a perspective of each other’s ways of life and cultural differences. Certain kinds of news from countries that rely on each other for energy or other resources can often have a profound influence on overall global economics.

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